Consulting Teachers

Our highly qualified teachers are the foundation of our academic programs at Escalon Charter Academy. Teachers take part in Professional Development Days and minimum day professional development activities with district staff. These meetings include grade level peers from other sites, administrators, the district coach, and other experts. During the meetings, teachers examine practices, receive professional development, examine student work and assessment data from curriculum assessments, and plan collaborative projects to enhance their instructional practices.

Staff meeting time is continually allocated for sharing of strategies and resources to increase the effectiveness of teaching strategies. Currently, our staff has been working together to look at the results of assessments and how to best support families in creating a learning environment that promotes learning at the highest standard. 

Teacher Roster

Brenda Fisher bfisher@escalonusd.org  
Sheri Fisher sfisher@escalonusd.org  
Sherri Franceschetti sfranceschetti@escalonusd.org  
Susan Judson sjudson@escalonusd.org  
Wendy Merseth wmerseth@escalonusd.org  
Sarah Shank
Trent Silva tsilva@escalonusd.org  
Sue Thompson sthompson@escalonusd.org