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We will ensure that all students learn at high levels.


We maintain high expectations and a rigorous and relevant academic focus for all learners through purposeful, collaborative relationships. Our students are highly literate, innovative thinkers who understand the need for continuous self-improvement in their pursuit of excellence.  They are socially-responsible and value working with others to build positive and productive relationships. They are inspired and prepared to thrive amidst the challenges of the 21st century.

About Gateway Academy

At Gateway Academy, we offer a unique homeschool experience. We combine classroom instruction and homeschooling. This blended model allows parents to choose a program that best meets the needs of their child. The Gateway staff is committed to incorporating a rich diversity of curriculum and enrichment. We help families to connect with other homeschoolers to create a strong support system. Students have the opportunity to participate in class pictures, library visits, group computer activities, field trips, and many opportunities to develop their social skills with their peers.

Student Learning Outcomes

Gateway Academy will prepare students who are:

Effective Communicators

  • Speak clearly and listen actively
  • Articulate problems and formulate solutions
  • Write using acceptable English
  • Read critically and extensively for a variety of purposes


Successful Critical and Creative Thinkers

  • Receive and evaluate information
  • Identify problems and formulate solutions
  • Gather and analyze data
  • Use a variety of resources and apply the knowledge creatively


Collaborative Workers

  • Develop positive interpersonal skills
  • Value individuals
  • Contribute to the team


Empowered Learners

  • Develop varied interests and talents
  • Set and monitor goals
  • Apply skills and knowledge


Responsible Citizens

  • Demonstrate the ability to assist others
  • Show respect for self and others
  • Take responsibility in education, personal contacts, and as a role model
  • Show integrity in words, actions, and decisions