In grade six, students will read a range of challenging books, articles, and
texts, and will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of the
material by answering questions and contributing to class discussions.
In writing, students will continue to work on their use of language,
sentence structure, and organization of ideas. They will also be
expected to integrate information from different sources and respond
to challenging content through written interpretation and analysis.

In grade six, your child will learn the concept of rates and ratios and use
these tools to solve word problems. Students will work on quickly and
accurately dividing multi-digit whole numbers and adding, subtracting,
multiplying, and dividing multi-digit decimals. Students will extend their
previous work with fractions and decimals to understand the concept of
rational numbers—any number that can be made by dividing one integer
by another, such as ½, 0.75, or 2. Students will also learn how to write and
solve equations—mathematical statements using symbols, such as
20+x = 35—and apply these skills in solving multi-step word problems.